Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Highlights of Varied Regional Tours

Regional tours are as varied as India's demography. Almost every region and part of India is bestowed with multi-hued colors, cultures and customs. Such colorful contrasts compel numerous tourists to from far and wide to visit India and retreat themselves with fabulous luxury of this fantastic country. These regional tours offers ample opportunities to all the leisure travelers, adventurers, pilgrims, students, history lovers as well as explorers.

Comprising the Goa tours, Rajasthan tours, Kashmir tours and Kerala tours, these regional tours include a full stock of vacation destinations. From pre-historic palaces & forts, tranquil beaches to snow capped mountains and golden deserts, flavored with its spicy cuisines, these destinations are complete with every gift of the nature.

Owing to the beaches, ancient churches, Goan Food and other specialties, Goa Tours have so much potential to make a memorable holiday. In addition to these, music and beach parties in Goa have worked magic on the tourists, visiting the place from far flown countries. The Rajasthan tours lead the tourists into a new world with picturesque landscapes and majestic monuments & palaces. With these tours, vacationers can explore as well as experience the purest character, tradition and culture of Rajasthan.

Kashmir tours evoke scenic beauty, which is draped with purest treasures of nature, thus, creating a world of calmness and serendipity. Laden with alluring serenity, these tours take the tourists to the state of ecstasy with the very first glimpse of the surrounding snow-capped mountains, sparkling lakes and valleys. One of the most coveted travel circuits, Kerala tours introduce the tourists to a world of sheer natural splendor and tranquility along with colorful festivals and detectable cuisines. All these regional tours to India are always unique in themselves.

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