Friday, 13 January 2012

India- A Land of Unique Culture, Tradition and Topography

India has a rich topography with numerous mountain ranges, forests, valleys, lakes and rivers. From the north to the south, India is rich in diversity in terms of culture, tradition, lifestyle, food and languages. Various tours are offered to the travelers, vacationers and adventure enthusiasts. From the Himalayas tour to the tour to Kerala, all are organized to meet the requirements of travelers.

The abode of gods, icy peaks, river Ganga, Buddhist culture, fruit orchards and meadows, Himalayas offer numerous opportunities to explore scenic beauty of the place. On the journey to an enchanted realm, visit to places like Kashmir, Shimla, Manali Darjeeling and Gangtok are included in the Himalayas tour . The Buddhist monasteries and gompas offer beautiful views of the Himalayan landscape along with sporting activities.

Another popular tour to Kerala is organized to explore the abundance of forests, beautiful landscapes and captivating greenery. Kerala, God’s own country, lies on the southern tip of Indian peninsula and attracts tourists for its beaches and backwaters. Ayurvedic massage and luxury houseboat cruise can be enjoyed in this land which is believed to have been the place of origin of ancient Sanskrit. Tourists can explore the ancient history covered in the mists of unique culture, tradition and topography.

Tours to the land of great monuments, varied landscapes, wonderful beaches and high Himalayas have made India a popular tourist destination. These tours provide unforgettable experience to the travelers visiting the country. The tour operators arrange various packages depending upon the preference of the travelers. Moreover, they also provide comfortable and safe transportation and accommodation along with personal assistance.

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