Thursday, 22 March 2012

Self Realisation Fellowship for the Spiritual Awakening of the Mind and Soul

India is popular around the world as the land of spirituality and meditation. People from around the world come to India for gaining inner peace through self realisation fellowship. Most tourists opt for a tour of India in order to learn meditation and yoga techniques. The entire tour of India is also taken up by tourists to witness the culture and tradition of India. Apart from spiritual tours tourists also go for adventure, regional and outbound tours. Tourists have plenty of places to visit in India like the Taj Mahal, Khajuraho Temple, Ajanta Ellora Caves, Gateway of India, Ranakpur Jain Temple and Rameshwaram Shiva Temple.

Exclusive spiritual tours are organised to ensure that the tourists opting for these attain inner peace and tranquillity. All the self realisation fellowship devotees are testament to that fact that they have always enjoyed the spiritual tours. People belonging to different countries are invited to become a part of the spiritual tours. Individual as well as group travellers are encouraged to participate in the spiritual awakening of one’s mind and soul. Tourists taking up the tour can enjoy spiritual experience in cities like Ranchi Dwarahat, Varanasi and Dakshineswar. Additional places like Dwarahat Ashram, Puri, Varanasi, Babaji's Cave and Bodhgaya can also be visited if tourists wish to do so.

These tours also provide accommodation at neat and clean ashrams. In case tourists wish to opt for hotels, the arrangements for the same is done in 3, 4 and 5 star hotels. Other facilities provided are air-conditioned modes of transportation, meals at exquisite restaurants and English speaking well-trained guides.

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