Thursday, 29 August 2013

Palace on Wheels Giving You to an Ecstatic Zone

 Tipping you for a tour to royal rajasthan on wheels

-) Tip 1:- Escape into the mesmerizing world of Rajasthan by booking a tour from Luxury Trains India service. Get huge batteries for your camera. This is because you would tire yourself shooting the astounding beauty of this place. And, your camera may get into a love affair with this natural beauty.

-) Tip 2:- Shopping excursions are going to rock your senses completely. Kiosks at this place have mystical and culturally rich items (purely bucolic). One gets reminded of pure ethnicity that resides in our country. So, a tip for this is to keep your pockets full. Bet you cannot stop purchasing. It is royal rajasthan on wheels after-all.

royal rajasthan on wheels
-) Tip 3:- The rail journey will take to some euphoric corners of this place. Keep binoculars ready. If you miss a sight, you are definitely going to regret. Luxury Trains India service guarantees this fact.

-) Tip 4:- Things are wild our here. Mosquitoes are humming over your head. Mosquito repellant is necessary.

-) Tip 5:- You have full liberty to experiment with delicious dishes of this place. Careful folks! These cuisines are extremely luscious and food over here is lethally spicy.

-) Tip 6:- Palace on Wheels will charm you, if you have a pair of sunglasses. Very hot. Summers are extremely hot. However, tip on this occasion is to enjoy mesmerizing sites of this place.

Palace on Wheels

You are welcome to this Palace on Wheels sir. We promise a splendid journey to ecstatic corners of this desert.

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